One of the upcoming projects we have been working on is the form for a new Church up in Vanuatu. Following a conversation with Jeremy Gestro at Future Proof Building in which he pointed out the cost effectiveness of shipping pre-stressed concrete portals and beams we realised we had the bones of the structure sorted! Obviously the structure needs to be earthquake and cyclone resistant and part of the aim is to have a community hub structure still standing after an inclement event and for it to act as a gathering point for resource distribution, looking at many of the buildings in the Freshwater area, this is desperately needed. The following week a Structural Engineer offered his services and so we are getting to the point where we are confidant that we can create a cost effective shell.

This is a wonderful project to be involved with and I can see I will have to go up and check on the progress in the winter, and spend some time with Pastor Obed and family.






New Church and Admin Building Vanuatu

Architectural concept using prestressed concrete frames

The Fathers House, Freshwater, Port Vila

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