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It is a pleasure and real challenge to get to work with heritage buildings. The main body of this church was moved from Great Barrier island, barged and bought up to its current location by a train of oxen. The new secondary wing is also quite historic, judging by the windows and the methods used to build it, was built somewhere around 1880. Both buildings had been lovingly crafted with high quality timbers. The congregation needed to expand their current church and decided to move an unused church that was hidden away in bush and combine the two. The challenge with this design was to utilise as many of the original features and components and bring the overall finished building up to standard for the 21st century. We are sure this building will serve it’s community well for a considerable time yet!



I was talking to an industry speaker the other day and I was really impressed with both his grasp of the things that happen on a building site and the dramatic nature of his presentation. He is passionate about site safety and has a brilliant conversion rate at his seminars or speaking engagements. I have never been at a safety session that so many people paid attention to.

His name is Rhett Brown and he was a builder, prior to his falling on site and breaking his neck. He died in the Chopper on the way to hospital and was revived. He is now a quadraplegic and gets around in a purpose built electric chair. So when he speaks, construction personnel listen.

He has written a very good book about his life and journey and this is an inspirational read for anyone.

If you would like to have Rhett speak to your organisation and add a few CPD points with your staff, give me a yell or seek him out yourself.